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human rights watch jobs

Human rights always play an important role in all UN entities. Human Rights Watch is committed to protecting human rights. If you are ready to help the organization in solving such problems, then you can apply for Human Rights Watch jobs. In fact, anyone can apply for an internship. To do this, just fill out the P11 or P13 form and send it to Human Rights Watch by e-mail. However, this procedure does not guarantee a place in the Department. All applications are processed during the year. If in the end, the candidate does not receive an answer, then he was denied employment. If you start a dialogue with representatives of Human Rights Watch, you can count on an interview.

Sometimes for admission to the interview, you need to pass a series of exams. And only after that, the special commission will decide whether the candidate is suitable for the unit or not. When applying, it is recommended to indicate the specific position that the specialist is going to apply for. If he or she leaves the corresponding field of the questionnaire blank, this will mean that the choice of vacancy remains with the personnel department.

human rights watch jobs

Benefits of Internship

Human Rights Watch jobs. It’s quite difficult to get a job at Human Rights Watch right away. It is much easier to establish oneself based on the results of the internship. If you prove yourself well in practice, then management is guaranteed to offer the intern a contract.

The right to an internship at Human Rights Watch is held by young professionals who graduated from university less than a year ago or who are final year students at the time of application. In the second case, they additionally need a referral from an educational institution and recommendations from teachers.

An internship should be held only in the specialty for which the student is studying or studied at the university. Otherwise, it will be difficult for him to prove himself on the right path.

It should be noted right away that the internship does not guarantee employment. Even if the intern has shown outstanding results, but at the moment the vacancy is already taken by a permanent employee, he will be asked to look for work in another organization.

Making social and medical insurance, visas and other documents necessary for living and working in another country is the task of each potential intern.

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